VFP-500 Pneumatic Valve Spring Press

VFP500 Pneumatic Valve Spring Press

Trego VFP-500 is universal, fast and simple to use.
The VFP-500 makes it easy to disassemble and assembling valve springs on cylinder heads on cars, trucks and motorcycles.


  • Adjustable table. 45º to the front and 30º to the backside.
  • Open pressure foot makes it easy to remove and replace
    valve keepers.
  • Adjustable post 0º-25º

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Table Dimensions: Mesurments:
Width: 630 mm Width: 710 mm
Depth: 310 mm Height: 660 mm
Press Arm movment: Depth: 610 mm
x=500 mm, z=140 mm * Weight: 45 kg
Air pressure: Shipping dimensions:
6-10 bar 800x600x620 mm, 65 kg

* = Z-movement controlled by a foot operated pedal.
The speed is adjustable in the pedal.


Pressure foots: 18 mm, 21 mm, 23 mm, 35 mm
Pressure Foots

Valve Keeper Installer: 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm
Valve Keeper Installers

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