SM 125 Formtool Grinding Machine

SM125 Formtool Grinding Machine

SM125 Grinding machine Especially developed for regrinding valve seat cutting tools type Mira. The machine has a fine grit diamond wheel and a special toolholder.
The cutting angle is adjustable with a graduation dial 0° – 10° in positive and negative direction. On the machine is a connector for sucking out the grinding dust (for connection to a suction system or a vacuum cleaner*)

* Not supplied with the machine.


  • Adjustable cutting angle with a graduation dial 0° - 10° i both directions.
  • Working light.
  • Connector for sucking out the grinding dust.

Electric motor Mesurments:
220 V, 50 Hz, 1~, Width:325 mm
2,02 A 0.25 kW Height: 210 mm
2770 RPM Depth: 325 mm
  Weight: 14 kg
Diamond grinding wheel Shipping dimensions:
Ø 125 mm 370x365x315 mm, 16 kg


Optional adapter for tool bits

Stone for grinding wheel cleaning, supplied with machine

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